My name is Maggie and I never wanted to have kids. I mean, why would you, right? They are expensive, ungrateful, they ruin your body and slow down your career. I never believed in the biological clock either. As a typical Capricorn, I enjoy my work little bit too much and having that jeopardised by someone who requires you to wipe their ass for over a year was never my idea of time well spent. Turned out, all it takes to change your mind is meeting the right partner and turning 30.

I was never the one to advocate half measures, whether it’s work or relationships, things can only be black and white. I believe the time has come to start thinking seriously about leaving more on this planet than carbon footprint, but since everything was always treated as a project, parenting falls under that banner as well. With that in mind, I decided to put some ground work into this and figure out how do you become an awesome parent? With each kid, you only have one shot to do it right. Failure is not an option. I  am on the quest to find the most important traits that make ordinary people great parents.

We are often told that no one can teach us how to be good parents. I believe there is some true in this statement, however I decided to do all that is in my power to discover the real qualities and character traits that put some of the mothers and fathers in front of the others. Looking at people whose kids are a credit to them, interviewing some of those parents and trying to get to the bottom of their success.

I will also bring you some of the horror stories from when parenting goes wrong. There will be judgement.


To get the facts out of the way, I am thirty one years old, originally from Poland, but UK bound for the last ten years. Married to a great guy, who is a lucky father of a fifteen year old daughter Leah. She is a pretty cool kid, with all the typical stresses of a teen. Shane has done a good job bringing her up.

I have recently given birth to a gorgeous little girl, Eva. and I want her to grow up to be a happy person, but instead of reading countless books on how to be an awesome, “successful” parent, I decided to find some real examples of people who I consider to be great role models, and learn from them. How do I know they have done it right? Their kids are every parent’s dream. Not because they are quiet and don’t ask for new iPhone every month. Not only because they get good grades at school. I will look at overall qualities and see if they managed to raise GREAT PEOPLE: conscious, ambitious, hard working, brave, fun to be around, open minded, with high integrity. It may be a lot to ask for from anyone, but there are parents out there who not only managed to do it once, but multiple times. If you succeed once, you are lucky; if you succeed twice, you are good. I will try to find as many of not only the “good” parents, but the truly great ones.

It’s an undeniable fact that there are millions of absolutely amazing people who grew up without the support of a great family or family at all. They may have seen the worst side of life and are now stronger and know exactly want they do and they do not want for their own families. It is also true, that parental input only goes so far, and at some point we start relying more on the opinion and influence we get from our immediate surrounding, be it friends or colleagues, school, neighbours, TV. All of those are important but this is not going to be the focus of my blog.


I want to know how to be the greatest parent. There is no such thing as perfect, but in the days of internet and fast communication, we no longer have to rely on the closest sources of knowledge available (friends and family) or books. We can learn from the most amazing people out there. This is the knowledge crowdsourcing project. If you have tips or want to share your experiences, drop me a line:

Let’s figure it out together.